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Creates a draggable system of docking elements, grouped into columns.


OAT.Dock(div, numColumns)

Creates a dock inside div with numColumns columns.


OAT.Dock.addObject(colIndex, content, options)

Adds a new window to dock, to the column with index colIndex. This window contains content. Object options may contain:



Sent after dock window is dragged to another position. Contains object with old and new coordinates of the window(oldX,oldY,newX,newY).


Sent after dock window is closed (removed). Contains the removed window object.

CSS classes


CSS class of the whole dock div.


CSS class of the blank space that appears below when dock window is being dragged to another place.


CSS class of all dock columns.


CSS class specific to nth dock column.


CSS class of the dock window div (single item in the dock)


CSS class of the dock window header div


CSS class of the dock window content div


var content = OAT.Dom.create("div");
content.innerHTML = "lorem ipsum :)"
var d = new OAT.Dock("parentDiv", 3);
d.addObject(0, content, {title:"Sample window"});

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